• Our Philosphy

    Our Philosphy

Our Comprehensive Rehab Team

Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to provide a more holistic treatment program. The result is a more integrated treatment between therapies. Together we establish the best plan for each individual and set goals to measure progress along the way.

Our unique approach allows for treatment integration amongst multiple disciplines. Therapists collaborate regarding goals and treatment plans for each patient, allowing for maximum benefits from every therapy session.

As we help our patients heal and reach their functional goals, each patient’s treatment plan is customized to set goals that offer the best possible outcome.

At Comprehensive Rehab, we offer great diversity in our treatment plans. Although there are primary therapists assigned to each patient, all therapists see all patients at some point in their treatment.

Patients benefit from the knowledge and creativity of multiple therapists and it allows our expert staff to work together to reach each goal with the patient in a timely manner.

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