Children Screened For Free at Local Daycare Centers

Published on: 2020/03/12


Developmental screening is critical for children, which is why Comprehensive Rehab offers free screenings at local daycare centers.

“Parents might not be aware their child has some type of delay or disability,” said Dawn Dague, Scheduling Coordinator at Comprehensive Rehab. 

Research has shown that early childhood screening can help identify learning disabilities, autism, speech or language problems, intellectual disabilities, vision or hearing impairment, emotional or behavioral conditions or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Comprehensive Rehab, which has Iowa locations in Clinton, Maquoketa, Muscatine, and Davenport offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

“When we go to a daycare, we try to have therapists from each discipline there to participate in the screenings,” said Dague.

Parents sign permission forms in advance of the therapists’ visit. “After, we contact the parents to let them know what we’ve found and if their child would benefit from one of our therapy services,” explained Dague. 

If therapy is needed, Comprehensive Rehab works with the child’s physician to get a referral for the service.

At the screening, the therapists are using their professional training to evaluate children on skills such as gross or fine motor skills, but the children themselves don’t see it that way.

“They think it’s fun time,” said Dague. “The therapists incorporate their work into the fun. It doesn’t feel like a doctor’s appointment for the kids.”

Early screening is vitally important for children. If left undetected, problems can worsen by the time a child reaches school age and cause life-long delays and difficulties.

According to medical research “children who receive early intervention and treatment for developmental disorders are more likely to graduate from high school, to hold jobs as adults, and are less likely to commit criminal acts than those who do not receive early intervention.”

In addition to screenings at daycare centers, Comprehensive Rehab also offers free screenings at any of their four locations.

Screening appointments must be scheduled in advance, but once an appointment has been made “we can usually get them in for the screening that same week,” said Dague.

For more information or to schedule a free screening appointment, contact Comprehensive Rehab at (877) 530-6356.